Luke Fickell’s first press conference as head coach

         On Monday, Luke Fickell made his first appearance in front of the media and opened himself up to a barrage of questions related to the recent issues for the program. He handled himself well I must say and spoke with great poise and purpose. His key point from the speech was that the 2011 buckeyes will focus on respect, toughness and being men of action. He only spoke for a few minutes and then opened himself up to the media’s questions. Sure enough, first question asked to him was about his knowledge of any violations of NCAA rules by past or current players. He said he didn’t know of any information until it became public knowledge, but it kind of reminded me of the episode of Seinfeld when Jerry says “Oh, it’s a must lie situation.” Think about it. Even if he knew that half of the team was receiving benefits, it’s human instinct to claim that you didn’t know. If he cares about Ohio State as much as he says he does, then he would never say anything anyways. The program has already endured enough scrutiny as it is. Here’s the video below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Luke Fickell debuts to the media from on Vimeo.

          After viewing the press conference though, my gut is telling me that this whole situation seems very fluid. I want to root for Fickell this year, I really do. He is a natural candidate for the position and clearly gets how important buckeye football is to the state of Ohio. He’s likable, reasonably good-looking, and speaks well. I just worry that he will never get a fair chance to keep the position long-term. If Ohio State loses a few games this year which is certainly reasonable to expect, I just don’t see him coming back next year. Ohio State has cemented itself in the past decade as a power to be reckoned with in college football on the field and in recruiting as well. The pressure may be too great for the program not to open up a full search for a new head coach after the season in the hopes of landing a big name such as Urban Meyer or Bob Stoops.  Is Luke Fickell going to be able to go into Florida and land kids like Mike Brewster and Santonio Holmes? I don’t know. Jim Tressel was an excellent recruiter and consistently stacked the roster with talent all across the board. I would hate to see the whole coaching staff blown up, but it might be necessary if Ohio State has a down year this year.

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4 Responses to Luke Fickell’s first press conference as head coach

  1. Laura Guess says:

    Good points Andrew! I personally will be rooting for Luke Fickell!

  2. I think Fickell stays a while. Don’t forget, OSU creates big name coaches, not hire them. There hasn’t been a single head coach hired by the Buckeyes who was a big name nationally before hand.

    • aguess8888 says:

      @ Beneath The Tin Foil Hat, That’s a good point. I think he has what it takes to be a successful coach, I just worry about the program as a whole. If they start missing out on recruits consistently, the program is going to suffer in the long-term. As of right now they have 9 commits for their 2012 class so they are doing fine. I really hope people show support for this guy and that Ohio State has another solid season this year. Consistency on a coaching staff is a huge key to long-term success.

  3. I worry about the program as well, but like you said, they have 12 highly sought after recruits coming in this year. As long as the NCAA doesn’t drop the hammer on them, they will always be in a position to reload rather than rebuild.

    Tressel proved to be a great recruiter, however a lot of credit also goes to the staff, which is intact for now. Furthermore, OSU is a program that makes recruiting easy no matter who the coach is, even in Florida.

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