Ohio State’s Problems Persist & Terrelle Pryor Ends His Buckeye Career


Terrelle Pryor

          After two of the most tumultuous weeks in recent memory for Ohio State, I can honestly say that the situation is wearing me out. It seems like a new report appears on ESPN every single day and I cannot believe how much the media is eating this situation up. The most recent report suggested that Terrelle Pryor and Devier Posey were playing golf multiple times a week at a private golf course in the summer of 2008 with memorabilia salesman Dennis Talbott. Talbott has been linked to several reports involving improper benefits that were given to Pryor during his career at Ohio State. One thing that has bothered me about the whole media massacre of Ohio State is that not enough attention is being paid to all of the parties involved. What I mean is this…Have you read one article or seen one news analyst picking on Devier Posey for his involvement in all of this activity? I sure haven’t. I’m not trying to say that Terrelle Pryor doesn’t deserve to be berated by the media because he does. What I’m saying is there are more people involved in this mess than just Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor.

          Posey committed to Ohio State as a five-star receiver prospect out of Cincinnati back in 2008 and came with high expectations the same way that Pryor did. What has always held Posey back is that despite his obvious natural talent, he has never developed into the go-to receiver that he should be. From a talent perspective, Posey should have been a SIGNIFICANTLY better receiver than Dane Sanzanbacher. Dane proved game in and game out that he deserved to be out there and his presence will be greatly missed on this year’s team. You can count on that. It just seems like something is missing with Posey the same way something was missing with Pryor. They both have been treated like celebrities for such a long time that I think it got to their heads. Posey had a chance to cement his name alongside recent greats such as Santonio Holmes, Michael Jenkins, and Ted Ginn, but ultimately he’s just a punk.

          Getting back to Pryor though, does anyone besides me feel relieved that Pryor won’t be around to be a distraction this season? Don’t get me wrong, his athletic ability may never be seen again at quarterback for Ohio State. But, athletic ability alone is not going to make you an elite quarterback.  Sure, Troy Smith was an athletic quarterback. But, Troy Smith was a great leader and could throw a naturally spiraling pass. Pryor threw some of the ugliest balls and his passes never seemed to have enough zip on them. His physical ability is unbelievable, but you never saw the progression from athlete to pocket passer that you did with Troy Smith. Troy Smith completely changed his game between freshman and junior year. Pryor showed some improvement, but nothing like Smith. His absence this year will be a good thing in my opinion. Now, whoever wins the starting job can develop some confidence and not have to worry about Pryor coming back after week 5. The offense can establish a new identity with new pieces all over the place. Hopefully the team can block out all the distractions this year and unite as a family. As for Pryor, flush that turd down the toilet.

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7 Responses to Ohio State’s Problems Persist & Terrelle Pryor Ends His Buckeye Career

  1. JohnBrownsFan444 says:

    Hey man,
    Excellent post and I have to say I completely agree with you on most of your points. I have also wondered why Posey is not getting bashed with the media like Pryor is. Keep posting blogs… it is great to find another bucks and browns fan, who actually knows their stuff. Go BUCKS and BROWNS!

  2. JohnBrownsFan444 says:

    *bashed by the media

  3. OSUFAN20 says:

    Great blog. I subscribed and will be checking to see your next post.

  4. Good post! OSU will be better off without Pryor. It’s time for the Braxton Miller era to begin.

    • aguess8888 says:

      @ Beneath The Tin Foil Hat, You are absolutely right. With the stable of running backs he’ll have around him, Miller should benefit from play-action calls and be able to hit some deep balls to guys like T.Y. Williams and Philly Brown. You know Miller has the arm strength to make those throws too. I can’t wait to see him in a real game.

  5. I can’t wait either! Pryor’s talent mostly took a back seat to his behavior. Miller seems like a level headed kid with an endless ceiling of talent. If he can stay focused, I see greatness ahead for him and the program.

  6. TJake says:

    Turn the page media! I’m tired of hearing about it already.

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