Buckeye backs will open some eyes this Fall

Rod Smith

     With ESPN slaughtering Ohio State with their non-stop coverage of the Tressel situation, I think it is appropriate to get back to talking about what’s really important: football. Regardless of what happens with the NCAA, Ohio State will still sport a team this fall and a good team at that. One position that particularly excites me is the running back position. Now you may be saying to yourself, what is this guy talking about, Boom Herron is suspended the first five games. That is true and he has been a solid contributor the last couple of years. But, don’t kid yourself about the guys behind him. Some of the candidates to start in Herron’s place include Jamaal Berry, Jordan Hall, Rod Smith, and Carlos Hyde. Each of them has their own unique skill set, but easily my two favorites are Berry and Smith. If you haven’t seen or heard anything about Rod Smith yet, I’ve got two words for you: Get Excited!

     This kid is 6’2″ 220 lbs. and I’m convinced that Eddie George is his biological father. He left high school as one of the all-time leading rushers in Indiana state history and I foresee great things in his future at Ohio State. With that said, do not discount Berry or Hall. They are both excellent pass catchers and the quickest of all the running backs. This may be Berry’s time to shine though and if the season started today, I would predict that he would be in the starting lineup. Berry has shown flashes as a kick returner and hopefully he can prove that he can handle a full workload at running back. It wouldn’t shock me at all though if Smith worked his way into the rotation the same way that Beanie Wells did when he was a Freshman. This should be a major bright spot for the offense this fall and they could rely heavily on their running game all season long.

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One Response to Buckeye backs will open some eyes this Fall

  1. aguess8888 says:

    Berry and Smith have had off-the-field issues though. Who would you guys like to see at running back?

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